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“We value brands, corporately and personally, through our business community. We are the only ones in Italy with a certified and business-focused community of over 10.5 million people.”

For over 15 years, Le Fonti has been the media company that has been following and narrating the evolution of markets and businesses in the various sectors through a complex and focused communication and information system.

Thanks to specialized editorial teams, articles and news are drafted on the Le Fonti network, with the aim of satisfying the desire for knowledge and in-depth analysis of our visitors on the most recent topics.

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For over 20 years has been the information site dedicated to economic issues
recognized by the Italian public. Punctual and constantly updated to keep readers
informed on everything related to the economy, the markets and the main political events.

Constant updates from the world of asset management. A careful selection of assets to invest in, risk assessment and portfolio diversification to maximize returns and minimize risks. With the advice of top industry experts, their analyzes and their focus to better understand the range of investments offered by the market: shares, bonds, real estate and other assets.

World Excellence International was created to provide a wide-angle view of global markets, financial trends, new players on the international scene, both in the real economy and in the insurance world. Understand how the actors act in a globalized context to remain competitive and not fall behind, adopt new business models or maintain those not yet outdated.

World Excellence was created to provide a wide-angle view of global markets, financial trends, the new protagonists of the Italian panorama, both in the real economy and in the insurance world. Understand how players act in a globalized context to remain competitive and not fall behind, adopt new business models or maintain those not yet outdated.

Thanks to the Agorà Tecnologia portal you will be aware of the constant commitment of companies towards its reorganization and the integration of digital processes. A useful platform for learning about technological innovations capable of increasing productivity and the quality of the goods/services offered, but also about data protection and privacy tools for dealing with cyber attacks.

The future says green, companies are called to rethink themselves in a new perspective to improve their impact on the environment. Help will certainly come from new technologies, but which ones to choose? Environment, society and governance are the three pillars for a sustainable world, where to start then? How to become a truly sustainable company that knows how to exploit the potential of this new philosophy? All of this is dealt with in depth on Agorà Sustainability. Find out more.

The online portal and platform with all the protagonists of the penal sector. How has criminal liability changed for businesses and entrepreneurs in the post Covid-19? What are the critical issues related to the new remote criminal trial? How is the figure of the criminal lawyer changing? And what are the initiatives and proposals to resolve the prison emergency? These and many other questions to which the criminal sector has been subjected. To answer, with insights, podcasts, cover interviews on Le Fonti Legal and videos on Le Fonti TV, are criminal lawyers, general counsel, compliance managers and risk managers who find a space in Agorà Penale where they can periodically discuss with a view to comparison and networking. The contents of Agorà Penale offer a complete view of the crucial role played in this phase by criminal law and of the new challenges that businesses and professionals will have to face in the coming months.

The most sparkling and innovative sector just a click away. Agorà Marketing is a site entirely dedicated to the study and analysis of the main trends for the promotion of brands and the marketing of products. A 360-degree overview of online and offline strategies, the inbound system, the funnel technique, the different approaches and diversified tools for a specific or general target. Furthermore, with our TV format, we collect testimonials and experiences from the most important players in the major marketing agencies.

A window on the world of work, in constant evolution, analyzed in all its particularities, to better understand how to build an efficient work environment where people collaborate in harmony with each other, and receive updates on the most significant news from a legal point of view. Agorà Lavoro also offers ideas on the most suitable company policy to adopt for your own situation, looking to the future and the use of technological material that will coexist with human capital.

The portal dedicated to fiscal and tax information, with updates on regulations, levies, taxation, transfer pricing, consultancy and litigation and on the major market trends thanks to exclusive interviews with the main exponents of the sector and experts. Tax experts, accountants, tax managers comment and analyze the evolution of the figure of the tax expert and all the news, regulatory and otherwise, with a view to comparison and networking. Agorà Fiscale highlights the main cover stories of the last few years with the top tax lawyers interviewed by Le Fonti Legal, video content, podcasts and interviews by Le Fonti TV. A “showcase” that allows industry professionals to interact and the reader to stay up to date.

Case studies and personalities from the medical-pharmaceutical sector, to get to know the most innovative realities and the new products/services offered up close. The study of widespread pathologies, the focus on growing phenomena and the solutions to regain physical and mental well-being. Insights on the role that artificial intelligence and robotics will play in the sector, supporting the profession of doctors and scholars in scientific research and patient care.

All the news and the most important events from the world of insurance.

A space to explore the relevant issues, future scenarios, the most interesting tools and products. The consolidated system of multinationals and the nascent start-ups focused on insurtech, the digitization process destined to revolutionize the sector. In addition, a section dedicated to interviews and TV formats, with prominent guests at the head of the major companies on the insurance scene.

The portal of the magazine of the same name, leader in Italy in legal and juridical information, dedicated to all the latest updates, with periodic analyzes of the major regulatory changes, exclusive interviews with top lawyers, general counsels and professionals and insights into scenarios and trends. Le Fonti Legal highlights the protagonists, the major strategic operations and the main career passages that have characterized the legal and professional market. Not only that, ample space for audio and video content: interviews with Le Fonti Legal TV, ad hoc television formats, thematic podcasts. Le is the point of reference for the legal community and for professionals who wish to be informed about business opportunities and the main trends in the legal market.


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