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Le Fonti Awards Logo

Le Fonti® Seal


Winners and finalists can obtain permission to use the respective Le Fonti Awards® registered seal on their corporate website for publications or marketing communications only following the purchase of the 12-month user license starting from the date officer of the awards ceremony to which the logo refers.

Confirmation of the purchase of the user license and the registered Le Fonti Awards® logo will be sent by e-mail to the respective winners and finalists following payment and acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out below.

Terms and conditions of use of Sigillo®

Finalists and authorized winners may use the registered Le Fonti Awards® logo on their company website for publications or marketing communications as an indication that the company has been included in the list of winners or finalists of the Le Fonti Awards®.

Example uses of LE FONTI® SEAL

Le Fonti Sigillo Ufficiale Online


Online advertising with official seals is an established practice among award-winning companies. Showcase seals on your corporate website, third-party portals, and industry-relevant blogs. This will increase the company’s credibility and attract the attention of potential customers and partners.

Le Fonti Official Seal Presentations


Incorporate registered official seals into your business presentations, whether they are internal meetings or client and partner meetings. These seals will add authority and highlight the company’s success in achieving a high level of performance and recognition.

Le Fonti Official Seal Mail


Add registered official seals to email communications sent to customers, business partners and other interested parties. This will help create a perception of excellence and strengthen the company’s image as an award winner.

Le Fonti Official Seal Magazine


Use registered official seals in your press activities, such as press releases, company magazines and promotional materials. This will underscore your status as an award winner and build a reputation for excellence for the company.​

Le Fonti Official Seal Social

Social Media

Leverage the power of official registered seals by posting photos with seals on company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms. Share exciting posts and acknowledgments for award winners, highlighting the prestige associated with official seals.

Le Fonti Official Seal Brochure


Include the official seals registered in the company brochures, highlighting the recognition obtained and the quality that the company represents. Seals will help set you apart from the competition and instill confidence in your services or products.

The respective Seal will be provided to the winners and finalists following the payment of the user license and after the award ceremony to which the Seal refers.

The license granted is personal. The Licensee may not in any way assign, transfer or sub-license the use of the Trademark (nor any right granted) without the prior written consent of Le Fonti srl. The Licensee will be required to clearly indicate the connection between the Trademark used and the products and services of Le Fonti srl, in order to avoid the danger of confusion with the products and services of others.

Graphic or other modifications by unauthorized third parties to the logo are not permitted, which must remain compliant with the format provided by Le Fonti srl. No other uses of the Seal are permitted. For other uses, contact our consultants. We reserve the right to review and approve all Trademark registrations. The violation of this clause will result in the immediate revocation of the concession to use the registered trademark, without prejudice to the right of Le Fonti srl to request compensation for the damage to the image suffered as a result of the violation.

For further details, do not hesitate to contact us: 02 873 863 06


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If you have noticed an illicit / suspicious use of the Le Fonti Awards brand, call 0287386306 immediately or write to

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